Development of acoustic solutions

The answer to your specific acoustic problems

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Sil&Add is the ideal development partner if one of your products is facing noise problems, and you are looking for :

  • a new, tailor-made solution to improve your product,

  • development that not only focuses on acoustics, but also takes into account your cost, environmental impact and aesthetic concerns.

We can develop materials, components and products:

  • tailored to your needs and those of your end-users,

  • with excellent acoustic properties,

  • capable of combining the functionalities of several components into one.

Contact us to discuss your product, its conditions of use and the acoustic problems you face. For our holistic approach to be fully effective, we need to have the full picture of your system.

3D printing serves as a catalyst for innovation in our development process. However, the choice of manufacturing method for large-scale production depends on the size of the components and the planned production volume. We can design the solution with conventional manufacturing methods in mind, while using 3D printing as a prototyping tool.

You know your product better than anyone, so we want to involve you throughout the development process.