Printing the Silence

Development of acoustic solutions, tailored to your unique needs.

When silence is a necessity and off-the-shelf solutions fail to meet your expectations, turn to Sil&Add!

Our expertise, based on the latest advances in aeronautics, is deployed to develop the tailor-made acoustic solution you need.

brown and white building under blue sky
brown and white building under blue sky

To address acoustic challenges while meeting our clients' specific needs, Sil&Add develops materials, components, and products:

  • featuring high acoustic performance,

  • with controlled mechanical properties,

  • resistant to various usage conditions,

  • with controlled environmental impact,

  • in France, with complete confidentiality,

  • tailored and customizable,

  • within a short timeframe.

Develop tailor made and multifunctional solutions for noise reduction

Vision d'entrepriseVision d'entreprise

Noise management comes with trade-offs such as increased cost, weight, or environmental impact of products, in addition to affecting their aesthetics. Considering acoustics at the end of the product design chain inevitably leads to these trade-offs.

Sil&Add aims to eliminate these trade-offs through additive manufacturing, thus putting an end to the trade-offs between noise management and other industrial concerns.

Fighting noise without trade-offs

Notre expertiseNotre expertise

Sil&Add's expertise is built upon:

  • Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing, a manufacturing process known for its flexibility that fosters innovative solutions, rapid prototyping, and efficient mass production.

  • The integration of advanced Materials and Metamaterials with customized acoustic and mechanical properties, delivering high-performance solutions.

  • Analytical or numerical Modeling of solutions and their usage environment, enabling precise optimization of the developed products.

Additive manufacturing, acoustic materials and metamaterials, multiphysics modeling

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